Friday, September 23, 2011

Long Time

Welcome and Hello, It's been a long time since my last post, time just flew by me. That Christmas Tree quilt below - will not be completed before the benefit dinner. I remembered why it was declared an UFO - the green fabric is directional Christmas trees and I have them going every which one, yes, I need to RIP them suckers out to place in the proper direction. Just not in the mood and not enough time. So back into the UFO pile it goes. I'm preparing for my first "Craft Fair". Wish me luck!!!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

UFO Quilt

Hello and Good Morning, I gathered my walking stick and MP3 player and at 0630 went tracking around my neighborhood. Must try and do this at least three days a week, oh my, today is Thursday, can't get my three in. Maybe next week. No, the weekend don't count lol.

I'm a volunteer for the Trauma Intervention Program aka TIP(click TIP to read about the program) and the local police and fire departments are having a "Tri-Tip Benefit Dinner" to raise money for the program. We, the volunteers, are invited as Honored Guest. They did ask us to help the fundraising by getting donations (no, I'm not soliciting just informing you but....) and/or items for a raffle and silent auction. My first thought was "oh yeah, I can do a quilt" for the silent auction, second thought "keep mouth shout, might not finish in time". I went through my UFOs and decided to finish the Christmas Tree wall hanging - it's almost done and I hear "Rosie the Riveter" whispering in my right ear "You can do it" and "Rosie the QUILTER" shouting in my left ear "Gurl, knock that UFO off the list as done, complete and finish, just do it". With both Rosies encouraging me, I'll do it, I can do, yes I can.

I also have this other wall hanging pattern I wanted to do for a long time, what am I thinking, we'll see how the Christmas Tree project workout first. Umm, maybe I'll work on it for an hour or two or maybe I'll just take a nap first but anyway, thanks for stopping by and don't forget to visit the The Fabric Peddler Shop.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A little of This and That

Welcome and Good afternoon, I can't believe this is my first session for August. Look at what I found, these lovely hand appliqued butterfly blocks at a Thrift Store several years ago and put them away until I was ready or had time to put them in a quilt and of course, I forgot about them (out of sight, out of mind). Anyway, my Monthly Quilt Block Swap partner's theme is flowers, trees, bees and right, you guessed it "Butterflies". So, I pull these butterflies out and using this ladies design, did one for my partner. I did the purple butterfly, fluttering by him lonesome. I'm not good at dating fabrics but just taking a wild guess, I'll say about 1920 or '30's !!! Am I close????

Tomorrow to the Post Office we go. Um, since the butterfies are on the design wall, I may as well design, let me see, what color sashing should I use.... anyone have a suggestion for me?


I had an empty spot on one of my walls and rather than hang a picture, I thought why not a mini quilt. One of the quilts hanging at The Fabric Peddler pop to mind and this is my version of

Carolyn Burgess' quilt. And yes, I did ask for permission to improvise so stop thinking copy right law - thank you very much. It's 16" x 16", hand appliqued and quilted.

Well, I need to work on this "round robin" hopefully, I'll finish sometime next week. Do you participate in "Round Robins"? When I talk with my quilting friends, I get mixed views. What's your take on participating in them?

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Fabric Peddler "OPEN HOUSE"

Welcome and Hello!
Today, the Fabric Peddler is having an "Open House"!! They're putting on a Mini Quilt Show, there will be sewing and Quilt demonstrations, Door Prizes, Discounts, Special treats (I want one) and just plain old fashion fun for all. And let's not forget the FOOD, yum yum. You think she'll over-night a plate to California for me???? Sounds like a lot of fun-time to me. NADINE, don't forget to take loads of pictures for show and tell.

While my Maryland buddies are having fun at the Open House, I need to work on my swap projects. I keep telling myself, "slow down on the swaps and concentrate on your personal projects". I 'm currently in four, that's right, four, 1, 2, 3, 4 swaps. I thought the Halloween Block Swap was due in September, no August 15Th and I signed-up for two sets of six blocks, what the heck was I thinking, I know, I wasn't thinking. Anywhoo, I finished last night and they're be in the mail Monday. My intentions were to do twelve different blocks but I didn't, - check them out.

Look what I found on Stashbuster email site, an awesome tutorial on getting rid of your scraps - check "My Current Obsession's blog" and get on the scrap train toot toot!! I'll post pictures of my progress this week, I'm loving this "mile a minute quilt".

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hang in there

Welcome and Good morning, well we did our first posting yesterday and I see we need to work on posting pictures. I will do just that so please don't let the photos stop you from visiting us. I went walking this morning (6:15 am) and it was a gorgeous morning for a leisurely stroll. If I go, no, when I go tomorrow on my walk I'll take my trusty ole camera and take a few pictures and share with you. I need something to practice posting photos. I think I'll try a quickie right now.

- it's a beaded iris from my garden

Let's see if this works!!!! In any case, on my "TO DO" list is 1) - work on Red and White challenge quilt, 2) read importing images to blog and 3) finish Halloween block swap oh yeah can't forget to take a nap.

If you're in the area, don't forget to stop by The Fabric Peddler and play with all the wonderful fabrics in the shop. You can also take a trip HERE and who knows, you may see a class or two that might interest you, join one of the many BOM clubs, shop on-line- just check us out and have a nice journey.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

BISA BUTLER at The Fabric Peddler

Bisa, a sistah quilter and artist from New Jersey, graced The Fabric Peddler with a stunning presentation of her signature collage/fabric portraits and that is also what she taught in the workshop. The group was anxious and ready to cut and sew. Bisa gave them the choice of two Jill Scott portraits. They told me, “If you were not there, you missed a great class”. Yes, that’s right, I wasn’t there. I live in California and The Fabric Peddler is located in Maryland. That’s approximately 2800 miles between the two states. Hopefully, if Bisa returns for another workshop, I can plan in advance. Are you having her again Boss Lady????? I will post pictures of the workshop later but in the meantime, check out two Blogger friends that attended the workshop and read what they had to say about the class and peep at their photos. Yetunde at Sistah Stitch Alot and Linda at Eat, Sleep, Quilt.

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Hello and good morning, whoa, wait a minute, I need to stretch and get the kinks out. Stepping out this box is no joke, yeah, that’s right. We are stepping out and getting a feel for this “blogging thing.” I read and follow you, so now; I’m joining in the fun. “We” are Nadine, owner of The Fabric Peddler, my friend and “Boss lady” and I’m Debbra. We’re working this together, nothing like friends, hey.

We are also members’ of the Yahoo Group “African American Quilters” (AAQ) and recently finished not one, not two but THREE on-line swaps. Nadine hosted the “Black History Month” Fabric/Art Postcard Swap, Miz Rosie did the “Black Music Month” FAPC Swap and I hosted the “Miniature Quilt” Swap. Here’s a small taste of the goodies created by some of the awesome and talented quilters of the AAQ.

2011 Black History Month Fabric Art Postcards

Miniature Quilt Swap

2011 Black Music Month Fabric Art Postcards

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